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3 Healthy Products Worth the Splurge

3 Healthy Products Worth the Splurge

Oftentimes, the biggest excuse for not eating healthy is that it is too expensive. Many people argue that eating poorly is cheaper and they simply cannot afford to eat in a healthy manner. This is not true. There are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget. While there are many products that you can bargain-shop for, there are a few items that are simply worth the investment. Read on for our top three healthy products worth the splurge.

Organic meat and poultry

                Unfortunately, conventional meats and poultry in the United States are often filled with antibiotics and hormones. When you eat these products, you are also consuming all the chemicals they were laced with. Even if the package says that it is antibiotic-free, it is still possible that hormones were administered to the animals. The best way to avoid this is to purchase organic meats and poultry. These livestock have been raised humanely and fed food without hormones and antibiotics.

While organic meats and poultry can be a bit more expensive than conventional food—oftentimes as much as $3 or $5 more per pound—it is possible to remain on a budget when eating organic. Try cutting back on the amount of meat used in meals and upping the quantity of vegetables to balance it out. Also, consider going meatless one day a week. This will do your body and your wallet a favor.

Organic, cage-free eggs

                If you have ever eaten fresh eggs from a farmer’s market or a friend’s chickens, you will have noticed how much better they taste. You may have seen that the yolks contain a much brighter, more yellow color as well. This is due to the lack of hormones and antibiotics given to the chickens, similar to what was discussed above.

Besides a much better taste, the chickens and hens that produce organic, cage-free eggs are raised humanely with space to exercise and move daily. They are fed vegetarian diets and are generally healthier animals, which in turn produces healthier eggs. Compared with conventional eggs, organic, cage-free eggs contain less cholesterol and saturated fat and more vitamin A and E, omega-3 fatty acids and beta-carotene.

Fruits and veggies on the Dirty Dozen list

Every year the Environmental Working Group releases its annual Dirty Dozen list. This list essentially contains the top 12 produce foods that rank highest in contamination of pesticides. Especially if you are on a budget, you should consider splurging for organic for these foods and opt for conventional on others. As of 2017, the top twelve “Dirty Dozen” foods are strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes, celery, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and potatoes.

The EWG also releases its “Clean 15” list with 15 produce items that are least likely to be contaminated by pesticides. On the 2017 list, these included sweet corn, avocados, pineapples, cabbage, onions, frozen sweet peas, papayas, asparagus, mangos, eggplant, honeydew, kiwi, cantaloupe, cauliflower, and grapefruit.

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September 20, 2017 4:17 pm
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