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4 Ways to Tame Your Summer Allergies

Allergies affect as many as 50 million Americans every year. It is the fifth-leading chronic disease in the United States, affecting people of all ages. Summer excites many people, especially those of us who live down here South Florida. The flowers and trees are in bloom, the streets are alive, and peoples’ noses run like the Hialeah River.

Summer is a wonderful time of the year, but the news is not all good. If you are one of the many people who suffers from summer allergies, you know how hard it can be to operate normally while dealing with inflammation. You are not alone. Allergies cost the health care system and businesses $7.9 billion every year. As part of our dedication to you, we have prepared a list of the best ways to conquer your summer allergies:

Wash Yourself

Every time you step into your home, a small part of the outside world comes with you. Going outside and enjoying the fresh air of summer is delightful, but when you go indoors you are bringing tiny particles from everywhere you have been with you. Your clothes, skin, and hair may all have some allergens on them.

Leaving your shoes at the door is just the first step in staying allergy free. After you get back in from the great outdoors, you should take a shower. Additionally, it is wise to wash your clothes thoroughly. You can get rid of allergies in no time.

Stay Inside When Pollen and Smog Levels Are High

Miami and Hialeah are known for having lots of drivers and many beautiful plants to decorate our cities. Unfortunately, this means smog and pollen levels are quite high in the city. Both smog and pollen are known to drive your sinuses crazy, so when there is a lot in the air it may be best to stay indoors.

Generally, you can find information about local air quality online or on your local weather station. If you have to go outside, it is best to limit your exposure to allergens by remaining outdoors for limited periods of time.

Keep the Inside of Your House Clean

Even the inside of your home may be irritating your sinuses. Pollen comes in from the outside through vents, gaps between the door and the frame, and open windows. We understand the temptation to open your windows during the broiling summer months, but it may be a good idea to leave them shut.

In addition, make sure that you are changing out your filters often. Vacuum frequently, and make sure that you wear a mask when you do. Bookshelves, vents, and the tops of unused surfaces are collecting grounds for pollen. It will prove to be a good idea to dust these.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Research has shown that eating a healthy diet does wonders for your entire body. This works for many different facets of health. It does wonders for your allergies. The Mediterranean diet of nuts, grapes, apples, and fresh tomatoes provides allergy relief.

Anti-inflammatory foods such as olive oil, tuna, and mackerel are known to fight symptoms of allergies. An overall healthy diet will help control many conditions.

If you have any questions about allergies, contact us today. The caring, passionate, and highly-knowledgeable staff want to help make you better. Call your Hialeah family physician today at (305) 823-2433.

June 26, 2017 11:17 am
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