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The 7-Day Sugar Detox: How to Survive

We all know that sugar is a culprit for many issues in our daily lives. It is not a shock to hear that sugar should be consumed as little as possible, as it is just empty calories. However, many of us that already lead healthy lifestyles perhaps do not realize how much sugar creeps into our diets. The sad reality Companies recognize that consumers are starting to read the labels before purchasing. Therefore, corporations are beginning to be more creative when adding in ingredients. They are still adding in sugar, but instead of just “cane sugar” or “high fructose corn… Read More

Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

When we think of hurricane preparation, we often think of shutters, water, and candles. It is usually afterward that we consider our pets. However, our pets are huge parts of our lives and must be considered in storm preparation. If you have never experienced a hurricane before, you may be confused about how to get your pet ready. The reality is, it is not much different than preparing for ourselves. Read on for a few tips to get pet-ready for a hurricane. This may be obvious, but make sure to bring your pet inside well before the storm begins. If… Read More

Why You Need a Healthy Gut

We have all heard the saying “Follow your gut.” We are told that listening to your gut feeling, that little voice in your head, will help you make the right choice. Whether this is just a common saying or not, there is in fact truth behind the idea. In our bodies, every system is intertwined. When one system, like our digestive or hormonal systems, have an issue, they affect one the other parts of the body. As a result, we must pay attention to every aspect of our bodies to ensure proper functioning. Symptoms to watch for At the center… Read More

Healthy Eating for Older Adults- How to Get Started

HEALTHY EATING HABITS FOR OLDER ADULTS-HOW TO GET STARTED Every year, millions of people make the resolution to start eating healthy. While some stick to it, most fall off the train after a few weeks. We want to help explain why this is. Research indicates that most people just do not know where to start. Switching from a not-so-healthy lifestyle to one full of greens and exercise can be daunting. Cooking every meal at home, going to the gym several times a week, drinking less wine and more water are all massive adjustments. All of these new changes can make… Read More

4 Meal Planning Tips for Seniors

Eating a balanced diet is important for seniors in order to be physically strong and be healthy emotionally and mentally. This is also required to help them recuperate from a recent illness or injury. Unfortunately, planning the meals of your loved ones can get stressful especially if you lack knowledge and training to do so. Lucky for you, there are some strategies you can use to ensure that the people you love always gets the nutrition that they need. Here are some of them: Use other sources of protein. Proteins play a vital role in helping the body to heal… Read More

7 Low Sugar Hacks For Diabetics

If you are diabetic, or simply just live a healthy life, you are used to a low-sugar lifestyle. Because certain treats are usually deemed off limits, low-sugar diets can sometimes become monotonous and boring. In order to steer clear of falling into this rut, it is important to be creative and keep a couple of favorite recipes on hand. Low-sugar hacks for keeping a healthy, diverse diet: Smoothies can often be sugar-laden and often more similar to desserts than snacks or meals. When making a smoothie, try and include as little fruit as possible in order to lower the sugar… Read More

How to Crush Cravings: 5 Snacks That Address Them All

Cravings are one of the biggest diet-crushers out there. Some days seem to be going well with that oatmeal for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch. Then the midday crash occurs and a vending machine chocolate bar is looking very tempting. Or it is a coworker’s birthday and pizza is ordered for the office. Salty or sweet, cravings can be hard to overcome. But they can be beat! Check out some great ways to crush that sweet and salty tooth once and for all. When you want a chocolate bar, go for a couple squares of dark chocolate (preferably 70%… Read More

Why Breathing Exercises Are Important After Having Surgery

After your surgery, your doctor will give you instructions on what exercises to do regularly that will help you recover quicker and get back to normal life. Below, we share information about the importance of breathing exercises that help you feel like your old self. Most surgeries are done under anesthesia. With it, you are put to sleep and your breathing is slower. The breaths you take aren’t as deep as your normal breaths that you take when you’re active. These breaths keep little air sacs, known as alveoli, in your lungs from filling with oxygen. After the surgery, these… Read More

5 Activities That Can Help Your Mental Health

Maintaining a healthy mind is just as important as keeping a healthy body. If you make a conscious effort concerning what you eat and what you put on your skin, you must also make an effort to protect yourself from mental illness. Here are five activities that can help you stay mentally healthy and live a balanced life. Taking care of your body. Stick to a nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free dairy, lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. Avoid sugary food. Watch your caffeine intake. Drink lots of water. Do not smoke. Exercise for… Read More

4 Ways to Tame Your Summer Allergies

Allergies affect as many as 50 million Americans every year. It is the fifth-leading chronic disease in the United States, affecting people of all ages. Summer excites many people, especially those of us who live down here South Florida. The flowers and trees are in bloom, the streets are alive, and peoples’ noses run like the Hialeah River. Summer is a wonderful time of the year, but the news is not all good. If you are one of the many people who suffers from summer allergies, you know how hard it can be to operate normally while dealing with inflammation…. Read More