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Checking Up: Which Lab Work You Should Definitely Do Yearly

Checking Up Which Lab Work You Should Definitely Have Done Yearly

No one likes having lab work done. It requires a visit to the doctor, a prescription to have the tests run, and usually a trip to a separate lab. All this is saying nothing of having your blood drawn itself, which most people don’t like one bit. There are a number of tests you should do regularly, though. We have put together a list of the five most important annual blood tests below. Check it out and don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment. One important piece of information we should mention before… Read More

Why More Fat Might Be What Your Body Needs to Lose Weight

Why More Fat Might Be What Your Body Needs to Lose Weight

The average American woman eats more than 66 grams of fat per day. We all focus on our diets, and do our best to make sure we are trim and healthy. To many, the word fat has become almost a bogeyman. We avoid it whenever we can. That is a problem. It seems counter-intuitive that fat can help you lose weight. Even the word fat generates bad feelings in people. We are here to tell you that not all fat is bad. There is good fat, and it can help you shed a few pounds. GMP Medical is here to… Read More

Bracing Yourself for the Changing Seasons: How to Keep Healthy

Bracing Yourself for the Changing Seasons- How to Keep Healthy

This hot Miami Summer is slowly fading into Autumn. From there, Winter will come next with its storms and wind. As your local Hialeah general practitioner, we want you to stay healthy when the temperature drops. Check out our guide to help you when the weather turns south. Get your flu shot In America, our flu season starts in October and lasts through May. We see a peak in February, but people can get the flu throughout Fall and Winter. Getting a flu vaccine will save you a massive headache, literally. According to the Centers for Disease Control, you should… Read More

The Importance of B-12 in Your Diet

The Importance of B-12 in Your Diet

One of the top questions patients ask their doctors is what supplements they should be taking. Starting a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming, but knowing what your body needs daily will allow for you to understand how to make it work. Most people do not know that a vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies worldwide. In fact, a 2004 study showed that this deficiency is a major concern in many parts of the world, including the United States, India, Mexico, Central and South America and many parts of Africa. Studies argue that up to 39% of… Read More

3 Healthy Products Worth the Splurge

3 Healthy Products Worth the Splurge

Oftentimes, the biggest excuse for not eating healthy is that it is too expensive. Many people argue that eating poorly is cheaper and they simply cannot afford to eat in a healthy manner. This is not true. There are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget. While there are many products that you can bargain-shop for, there are a few items that are simply worth the investment. Read on for our top three healthy products worth the splurge. Organic meat and poultry                 Unfortunately, conventional meats and poultry in the United States are often filled with… Read More

The 7-Day Sugar Detox: How to Survive

We all know that sugar is a culprit for many issues in our daily lives. It is not a shock to hear that sugar should be consumed as little as possible, as it is just empty calories. However, many of us that already lead healthy lifestyles perhaps do not realize how much sugar creeps into our diets. The sad reality Companies recognize that consumers are starting to read the labels before purchasing. Therefore, corporations are beginning to be more creative when adding in ingredients. They are still adding in sugar, but instead of just “cane sugar” or “high fructose corn… Read More

Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

When we think of hurricane preparation, we often think of shutters, water, and candles. It is usually afterward that we consider our pets. However, our pets are huge parts of our lives and must be considered in storm preparation. If you have never experienced a hurricane before, you may be confused about how to get your pet ready. The reality is, it is not much different than preparing for ourselves. Read on for a few tips to get pet-ready for a hurricane. This may be obvious, but make sure to bring your pet inside well before the storm begins. If… Read More

Why You Need a Healthy Gut

We have all heard the saying “Follow your gut.” We are told that listening to your gut feeling, that little voice in your head, will help you make the right choice. Whether this is just a common saying or not, there is in fact truth behind the idea. In our bodies, every system is intertwined. When one system, like our digestive or hormonal systems, have an issue, they affect one the other parts of the body. As a result, we must pay attention to every aspect of our bodies to ensure proper functioning. Symptoms to watch for At the center… Read More

Healthy Eating for Older Adults- How to Get Started

HEALTHY EATING HABITS FOR OLDER ADULTS-HOW TO GET STARTED Every year, millions of people make the resolution to start eating healthy. While some stick to it, most fall off the train after a few weeks. We want to help explain why this is. Research indicates that most people just do not know where to start. Switching from a not-so-healthy lifestyle to one full of greens and exercise can be daunting. Cooking every meal at home, going to the gym several times a week, drinking less wine and more water are all massive adjustments. All of these new changes can make… Read More

4 Meal Planning Tips for Seniors

Eating a balanced diet is important for seniors in order to be physically strong and be healthy emotionally and mentally. This is also required to help them recuperate from a recent illness or injury. Unfortunately, planning the meals of your loved ones can get stressful especially if you lack knowledge and training to do so. Lucky for you, there are some strategies you can use to ensure that the people you love always gets the nutrition that they need. Here are some of them: Use other sources of protein. Proteins play a vital role in helping the body to heal… Read More