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5 Things Earwax Says About Your Health

5 Things Earwax Says About Your Health

Ear wax, it’s not talked about often, and honestly, it’s pretty gross to think about. However, your earwax is an accurate gauge for your health and you should pay close attention to it. We’ve all heard that analyzing the color and consistency of several bodily fluids will aid in catching potential health issues, but what about earwax? Read on for 5 things earwax says about your health. Itchy Earwax Itchy ears are nothing to fret about. The issue here is that many people who are experiencing itchy ears. Use a Q-tip to find relief in those hard to reach ear… Read More

Cold Sore Versus Canker Sore: How to Get Rid Of Them

Cold Sore Versus Canker Sore

Cold sores and canker sores are not the same, but they do have very similar symptoms, triggers, and treatments. In order to find quick relief, you must be educated on the differences between the two conditions. Looking at the health of your mouth gives you a window into the health of your immune system. If things are acting up, you need to know why. Here is everything you need to know on cold sore vs. canker sore and how to get rid of the pesky and painful bumps. What Are Cold Sores? Cold sores are small fluid-filled blisters, usually occurring… Read More

Performance Fusion: Taking Your Body to the Next Level

Performance Fusion

If you’re an athlete or an avid trainer in the gym, you know how important it is to keep your body replenished, hydrated, and healthy. Performance Fusion is a form of IV therapy specifically designed for athletes, trainers, and even the average active person looking to enhance their physique. IV infusion is the key to operating at your full athletic potential. Keep reading to learn more about Performance Fusion and take your body to the next level. Amino Acids In a world overrun by supplements and protein, it’s a challenge to understand which supplements are actually necessary and beneficial to… Read More

Top 5: What Causes Diabetes?

Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes, one of the most rampant diseases in America, affects 9.4% of the population. Every year 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. In 2015, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. The American Diabetes Association estimated that the total costs of diagnosed diabetes had risen to $327 billion in 2017, compared to $245 billion in 2012. These statistics show a devastating threat to the health of America. Read on for more information on the top 5 causes of diabetes and what you can do to prevent the disease. Type 1 Diabetes vs Type 2… Read More

7 Things To Do If You Suffer From Panic Attacks

7 Things To Do If You Suffer From Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are an intense, overwhelming, physical expression of anxiety. They are the result of a mental health disorder and can not be controlled by the person undergoing the attack. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet many sufferers live without treatment. In fact, only 36.9% of those suffering from anxiety receive treatment. If you are a victim of an anxiety disorder, it is important that you seek professional treatment from a doctor. In the meantime, here are 7 things you and those around you should consider if you suffer from panic attacks: What is a Panic Attack? A panic attack… Read More

What Do Antibiotics Do To Your Gut Health?

What Do Antibiotics Do To Your Gut Health?

Antibiotics are an invaluable part of modern medicine. In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic, penicillin. Over a century later, penicillin and many other antibiotics have saved the lives of millions of people. While there are many benefits of antibiotics, it’s important to know what antibiotics do to your gut health. What Do Antibiotics Do? Antibiotics fight infections by either stopping the reproduction of bacteria or destroying them. Usually, our body’s immune system is capable of killing off bacteria before it can multiply. White blood cells attack harmful bacteria, even if you’ve experienced symptoms, the body is equipped to… Read More

South Florida Health Statistics That Will Shock You

South Florida Health Statistics that will Shock You Main Image

Are you familiar with South Florida health statistics? South Florida isn’t just the home of sunshine, beaches, and non-stop nightlife. If you live in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, you live in 3 of the top 10 healthiest counties in the state – but what does that actually mean?  How Healthy is South Florida? The Sun-Sentinel reported recently that all three South Florida counties ranked in the top 10 healthiest counties in Florida – a feat that was last achieved 9 years ago. Miami-Dade jumped to 5th place from 23rd, Palm Beach ranked 8th for the second year in a… Read More

The Power of Sleep: What You Didn’t Know

The Power of Sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool that our body desperately needs for replenishing and restoring our bodies and minds. Often we find ourselves neglecting sleep in the busyness of our lives. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep or the lack of sleep. Every functioning part of our bodies depends on that amount, and more importantly, the quality, of our sleep. Keep reading for more what you didn’t know about the power of sleep. What Your Body Does During Sleep There are five stages of sleep, each of which plays a very important role in the process. Stages 1 through 4 are… Read More

Why Eating Breakfast Changes Everything

Why Eating Breakfast Changes Everything

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? You’ve heard your mom say it a million times, and you’ve heard it throughout all of elementary school, but does it really matter if you eat breakfast or not? After an immense amount of research, we can assure you that breakfast is significant. Here is why eating breakfast changes everything. Why Breakfast is Important Breakfast, the meal that literally breaks your overnight fast, is important because it replenishes your glucose and essential nutrient supply. This is the most effective way to keep your energy levels up and metabolism rates fast…. Read More

4 Ways Wellness Fusion Will Affect Your Life

4 Ways Wellness Fusion Will Affect Your Life

IV fusions have become increasingly popular among health nuts, fitness junkies, and professional bodybuilders. There has been some speculation on the topic of wellness fusion and its capabilities. IV therapy has been used for decades in hospitals. Whether it’s an IV drip for dehydration or for more serious conditions, intravenous therapy has been successful in a wide range of fields. But is wellness fusion suitable for the average Joe? Read on for four ways wellness fusion will affect your life. How Does IV Therapy Work? When we orally consume food, vitamins, and supplements, only a certain percentage of those nutrients… Read More