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Hydration: The Game-Changer For Exercise

Drinking and Exercise

While you’re running on that treadmill or picking up those dumbbells, you’re not exactly thinking of how much water you’ve been drinking. Whether you’re a serious athlete, or simply exercise for a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to stay hydrated. You should be drinking water before, during, and even after your workout. Without hydration, your body cannot perform at its optimal level. Here are a few things to consider: What Happens During Dehydration? Dehydration occurs when you lose more fluid than you drink. When your body does not have enough water, it can no longer work properly. Dehydration can occur… Read More

What is Anemia and How to Treat It

What is Anemia and How to Treat It

Anemia occurs when the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells (RBC) is not enough to meet your body’s needs. There are many types of anemia but the most common is Iron Deficiency Anemia. Below, we list down some of the most common questions about anemia. What is Anemia? Your red blood cells are the part of your blood that is responsible for providing oxygen to other cells inside your body. Hemoglobin, the pigment which comes with the RBCs, is what binds oxygen together before the oxygen gets delivered to the cells. When there is a low number of RBCs, your… Read More

Top 5 Feel-Good Exercises for Your Body and Soul

Top 5 Feel-Good Exercises for Your Body and Soul

People are now more aware of their health than ever. It’s great to know that people care about their bodies, and constantly seek to enhance their appearance. Follow the top five workouts below to help you enhance your body, feel better, and make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits! Planks Whether you’re more into side planks, or standard planks, these are great to help work your entire upper body. It’s not as easy as it looks! Holding your body up and relying on your arm muscles to keep this position will help develop stronger and greater muscle mass. For the standard… Read More

IV for Life: Revitalize Yourself, You Deserve It

IV For Life

It’s that time of year: the time to change. Your resolutions are fresh in mind. Your willpower is at its max. You’re at the gym, eating healthy and staying hydrated. You’re ready to become the best possible version of yourself. Sounds like it’s time to consider an IV vitamin infusion. Chances are, you haven’t thought about using an IV drip to get important vitamins and minerals. Most people haven’t. Yet, did you know that IV revitalization offers A LOT of benefits, including:         100% of all vitamins are absorbed into your bloodstream         You’ll start to feel the effects of IV vitamins… Read More

The Secret to Healthy Snacking

Secret to Healthy Snacking

It’s hard to snack healthy. It just is. Making sure to eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner is tough enough. Adding healthy snacks to that equation makes it even harder. Balancing it all with work, family, and personal projects seem almost impossible. We get it. It’s overwhelming. Thankfully, there are A lot of ways to improved snacking. They may not always be the easiest, but they are possible. That is where we enter the picture. We’re here to help you eat healthier and feel better. We’re here to help you be the ideal version of you. Learn… Read More

New Year’s Resolution: How to Get The Body You Want

New Year’s Resolution_ How to Get The Body You Want

With the New Year only a few days away, we can’t help but stress about our upcoming resolutions, goals, and desires. Whether it’s buying that new car, starting a Master’s program, or simply working on your character, we all wonder what we will make of 2018. The most common resolutions revolve around our body, body image, the way we look, and the way we want to look. Do you want to lose more weight? Eat healthier? Get those rock-hard abs? Everyone is different when it comes to their body image. With any goal you set for the new year, there… Read More

How to Crush Cravings: 5 Snacks That Address Them All

how to crush cravings

Whether you’re having a hard day at work, or you simply have a sweet tooth, it is very easy to choose the wrong snack to satisfy your cravings. If you’re one of the people who eat while they’re stressed, you might be making the wrong call under pressure. You’ll be less likely to overeat if you approach each craving one at a time, whether salty or sweet. This is primarily because we tend to overeat when tasting different flavors together. For example, processed foods which have a strong combination of sweet and salty will lead our brain to binge eat,… Read More

7 Ways to Allergy Proof Your Home in The Winter

7 Ways To Allergy Proof Your Home In The Winter

It’s commonly estimated that 50% of children around the world have at least one allergy. These range from the serious to mundane. Even in the cases of minor allergies, it’s important to make sure your children and home are as allergy proof as possible. This is especially true in more humid climates, like our sunny South Florida. What starts as a minor allergy may develop into something more serious due to the bacteria favoring our climate. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of seven ways to allergy proof your home this winter. Check out the top seven… Read More

Why You Need a Daily Probiotic

Why You Need a Daily Probiotic

You wake up, brew a pot of coffee, maybe eat a bowl of cereal or energy bar, and…take a probiotic? Probably not, right? You’re not alone. A staggeringly small 1.6% of US adults and 0.5% of children take probiotics. That number should be much higher, but you may not know why. Not many people realize the benefits you get from taking probiotics daily. As Hialeah family doctors, we want to change that. We want to educate both our community and the world at large to the numerous benefits of daily probiotic use. Read about the top three benefits below. What… Read More

Tips for Choosing a Family Doctor

Tips for Choosing a Family Doctor

There are just over 10,000 family and general practitioner medical professionals in Florida. 1,400 of whom are located in Miami-Dade alone, with another 1,400 serving Broward County. With so many doctors to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with making a decision. In fact, it’s almost unavoidable.   We are here to help. With over twenty-five years of experience in the South Florida medical community, we are uniquely qualified to offer helpful tips on how to choose a family doctor. Find our top four tips below.   If you have any questions about how to pick the right family… Read More