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It’s National Sleep Awareness Week: Are You Getting Enough ZZZ’s?

national sleep awareness week

We all want it and need it, but not everyone gets it. We’re talking about a good night’s sleep.  Did you have a good rest, last night? If not – and that’s happening on a regular basis – that could lead to some serious health issues, and more. Good sleep health is connected to good health. Sleeping is a necessity, but yet, many of us have a hard time falling asleep or even staying sleep. An estimated 10 percent of the population suffers from chronic insomnia. If you’re not getting enough sleep, talk to us about how we can remedy… Read More

How Does an EKG Monitor Your Heart?

EKG Monitor

EKG – Electrocardiogram, a term we’ve all heard tossed about in hospital drama programs on television. But what is an EKG monitor exactly? To put it in simple terms, an electrocardiogram is a technological device used by medical professionals to detect a possible heart condition. It works by measuring the electrical activity of your heart. Does an EKG Hurt? No. The test is non-invasive, does not involve any needles and only takes a few minutes. It is a fairly easy test where four-to-six leads (cables) on certain areas of your chest. The leads measure electrical output and record the findings…. Read More

The Most Common Food Allergies and Symptoms

common food allergies

People are always finding themselves either feeling great or run down after eating different types of foods. Some wonder why their energy levels are like a rollercoaster ride after a solid meal. One reason has to do with food allergies. At GMP Medical, we take people through tests and evaluations to discover what allergies they may have within their bodies. What Is A Food Allergy? A food allergy is an immune system reaction that happens soon after eating certain foods. Nausea, breathing issues, or fainting spells are some side effects to common food allergies. Maybe you never have actually thought… Read More

What to Look for in a Primary Care Physician

what look for Primary Care Physician

Knowing what to look for in a primary care physician isn’t always easy. There are many different medical doctors and types of practices. However, doing your research will pay off when choosing a primary care doctor, as they will help guide you through urgent health matters and aging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that preventative health measures are your best bet to ward off chronic disease. Statistics indicate that chronic disease is responsible for 7 of every 10 American deaths each year. Take a moment to evaluate your own personal needs. Let’s outline some key areas… Read More

Illness Vs Disease: Understanding The Differences

illness vs disease

Understanding the difference between illness and disease is a matter of educating about the nature of both. Although the two terms are interchanged carelessly in many conversations when describing a reference of sickness, they are represented by two distinct definitions: Illness is suffering from something that makes one sick. Illnesses span during a precise period of time, meaning they have a beginning and an end. In layman’s terms, an illness is basically termed as an unwell or unhealthy state of mind or body. Disease falls under an entirely different classification. A disease is defined as suffering from a malfunctioning organism… Read More

Things To Do In Miami This Winter

Things To Do In Miami This Winter

Miami is an amazing place in the winter. Where the rest of the country struggles under the weight of snow and shivers in arctic temperatures, in South Florida, we can relax in the sun! If you’re looking to make the most of this time of year, here are five things to do in Miami this winter. Miami International Boat Show The premier boating even in South Florida, the Miami International Boat Show is back at the Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. The five-day event, which runs from February 14-18 is the place to be for all things nautical. Showcasing… Read More

4 Ways To Prepare For Flu Season

Ways To Prepare For Flu Season

Sniffles, coughs, and fevers oh my. It seems like the flu season gets increasingly worse with each passing year, which is why you can never be too prepared for when the inevitable happens to you. Preparing beforehand can help you not only get better faster, but it can also prevent you from getting sick again in the future.  At GMP Medical, we understand how serious the flu is and why flu prevention is not only recommended but necessary as well. We’ve highlighted four different ways to prepare for flu season. Flu Shot Getting the flu vaccination each year is the first… Read More

Why Your Annual Physical Exam Is a Must

Why Your Annual Physical Exam Is a Must

It’s a question that’s been asked time and time again: “Do I really need an annual physical exam?” In short, yes. Preventing health problems, saving money, and keeping your doctor up-to-date on your health are just a few of the many benefits there are to getting an annual physical exam. At GMP Medical, we understand the value of annual exams. Be it a gynecological exam, a general primary doctor visit, or visiting a specialist, maintaining your health is the most important thing you can do – especially the older you get. Read on to find out why getting an annual… Read More

Back To School Vaccinations: Why it’s Important

Back to School Vaccines

A widely acknowledged debate across America is the topics of vaccinations. When it comes to immunization, vaccines are vital and one-hundred percent necessary for your child’s health. To keep your child protected from diseases, vaccines need to be administered. If you can prevent your child from contracting a disease, why would you hesitate?   Here is everything you need to know about back to school vaccinations and why they are so important: Effectiveness of Vaccines The only reason life-threatening and incurable viruses and diseases are so rare, is because of the use of vaccines. This does not mean that because… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Heat-Related Illness This Summer

Heat Illness

In Miami, Florida the summer season is abnormally hot, humid, and intense. For vacationers looking for a getaway, the Florida sun is worth flocking from all over the country for. For us residents, the heat can be overwhelming. Heat-related illness is more common than you probably think, and it’s important that you take the proper precautions when spending time in the sun.   Here is everything you need to know about heat-related illness this summer: What is Heat-related Illness? Heat-related illness is just as it sounds, the exposure to abnormally high temperatures or prolonged amounts of heat and humidity, making… Read More