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Lab Work

Urinalysis: Results & Interpretation

Dipstick Urinalysis Test

Simply put, a urinalysis is the analysis of one’s urine. A urinalysis test is an extremely common procedure done during routine physicals and even diagnostic testing. Chances are, you’ve had your urine analyzed many times. But do you know what the results mean? This diagnostic and screening test is extremely beneficial to your health and you should know exactly what your urine is telling you. Keep reading for more on urinalysis results and interpretation. Macroscopic vs. Microscopic Urinalysis There are two types of urinalysis: macroscopic and microscopic. Macroscopic urinalysis does not require a microscope and is done through simple examination… Read More

What is a Spirometry Test & What Does it Measure?

Spirometry Testing

Over the last 35 years, respiratory diseases have skyrocketed. Over 3.9 million Americans have died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. If you don’t have trouble breathing, you probably never think about it. However, if breathing is difficult for you it quickly becomes apparent how your quality of life can be seriously compromised. If your lungs are not functioning properly it is crucial that you find out what is wrong. A trip to the doctor will usually entail a spirometry test, here is everything you need to know. What Does a Spirometry Test Measure? The spirometry test is a… Read More

Your Guide To Reading Blood Work Results

Blood Test Results Meaning

All of us need to get our annual blood panels done. This procedure is one of the most effective ways of preventing life-threatening diseases in people of all ages. The fact is, most people don’t know what the results actually mean. In order to guide you along a path of health, we are going to go over the blood work basics. Once you’re done reading this article, you’ll be able to analyze your blood work like a pro.   Here is your guide to reading blood work results: Blood Makeup Your blood tells a lot about you. Some of the… Read More

What Is Ultrasound Used For?

Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound, or sonography, is a tool doctors use for seeing what’s going on inside their patient’s body. The instrument transmits high-frequency sound and then records the echoes as the sound waves bounce back to determine the size, shape, and consistency of soft tissues and organs. The information appears on a screen where the ultrasound technician can easily capture the images. Those images are then sent to your doctor for the results.   Now that you know exactly what ultrasound is, what is ultrasound used for? Uses of Ultrasound When you think ultrasound, you probably think of a pregnant mother at… Read More

Checking Up: Which Lab Work You Should Definitely Do Yearly

Checking Up Which Lab Work You Should Definitely Have Done Yearly

No one likes having lab work done. It requires a visit to the doctor, a prescription to have the tests run, and usually a trip to a separate lab. All this is saying nothing of having your blood drawn itself, which most people don’t like one bit.   There are a number of tests you should do regularly, though. We have put together a list of the five most important annual blood tests below. Check it out and don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.   One important piece of information we should… Read More