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Celebrate National Women’s Health Week with a Check-Up

Celebrate National Women’s Health Week with a Check-Up

May 12 to 18 is National Women’s Health Week. This week, starting annually on Mother’s Day is meant as a reminder to women across the country to make their health a priority – and to take care of themselves. At GMP Medical, we always want our patients to be as healthy as possible – that’s why we think there’s no better way to celebrate National Women’s Health Week than with a check-up!

Take Control of Your Health Today!

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office On Women’s Health, there is no better time to start taking control of your body’s health than this week! After all, we only get one body. While it can be challenging to take the steps, we need to for better overall health, scheduling a check-up with your doctor is a significant first step.

When you schedule a check-up and screening with your primary care physician can help you identify potential problems before they start. When a doctor has the chance to detect a problem in its early stages, there is a much better prognosis than if the problem is left undiagnosed. Visiting with your doctor and undergoing routine screenings and exams is essential for long-term health.

Celebrate National Women’s Health Week with a Check-Up

Your Doctor May Conduct Preventative Screenings

Your doctor may recommend you undergo routine screenings, such as a Pap test or a pelvic exam, to ensure there are no problems about which you need to be concerned. A pelvic exam is a test designed to check that your reproductive system – including the uterus, vulva, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and other organs are functioning correctly, and there are no health concerns.

A Pap test, on the other hand, is designed to check for signs of cervical cancer and is something women should have performed regularly. Your doctor will likely want to conduct a breast exam as well. During a breast exam, they will check your breast tissue for signs of lumps, which may indicate cancer. If they suspect something unusual, they may refer you for a mammogram.

While many women – especially those who tend to shy away from regular check-ups – may find screenings uncomfortable and embarrassing, they are an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These checks not only help catch potentially life-threatening diseases or conditions early, but they can also help your doctor pinpoint other ailments, such as low bone mineral density or diabetes, that are keeping you from living life to your fullest!

A healthy lifestyle also means keeping off extra weight. GMP Medical has a medically-managed weight loss program designed to help you eat less and shed any extra pounds.  You can achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health.

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If you are a woman living in the greater Miami area and are looking to take control of your health this Women’s Health Week, visit our Hialeah clinic. For over 20 years, GMP Medical has been serving the residents of Hialeah, Miami, Doral, Perrine, Cutler Ridge, Coral Gables, South Miami, Pembroke Pines, Miami Lakes, Kendall, and Miami Springs, and having them live their best lives! Give us a call today at (305) 823-2433 and take control of your well-being!

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