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Bracing Yourself for the Changing Seasons: How to Keep Healthy

Bracing Yourself for the Changing Seasons- How to Keep Healthy

This hot Miami Summer is slowly fading into Autumn. From there, Winter will come next with its storms and wind. As your local Hialeah general practitioner, we want you to stay healthy when the temperature drops. Check out our guide to help you when the weather turns south.

Get your flu shot

In America, our flu season starts in October and lasts through May. We see a peak in February, but people can get the flu throughout Fall and Winter. Getting a flu vaccine will save you a massive headache, literally.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, you should not get a nasal spray flu vaccine. When you get the vaccine, it might prove to be a good idea to get an injectable version of the flu shot. The most recent vaccine has been updated to fight against the viruses that are circulating now.

Influenza is contagious. Those who suffer from the flu are likely to suffer from a fever, a sore throat, and severe fatigue. If you have this ailment, you should not work or go to school. Only a doctor can diagnose the flu. GMP Medical offers flu shots in Hialeah.

Allergies can still haunt you

In South Florida, we often associate allergies with Spring. It makes sense, after all, due to the fact that the flowers are blooming and the trees become green and lively again. While allergies do rear their ugly head around May a little bit more, you should be cautious throughout Fall and Winter as well.

Certain plants, such as oak and pine trees, have a major allergy season from December through May. Ragweed and dog fennel allergy seasons lasts from May to December. It might be a good idea to consult with a doctor to determine what you are allergic to. Your physician will be able to run a few tests.

If you have to go outside, you should do so after it rains or in the evening. At these times, there is less pollen in the air. Showering after you go outdoors will remove any pollen that is clinging to you.

Wash your hands

In Summer, we are all outside enjoying the wonderful Miami sunshine. In Winter, all we can do is huddle inside and look at the rain. When everyone heads indoors, that can create a health problem. People in close proximity get sick more often than others.

Washing your hands is vital to staying healthy. All sorts of nasty bugs are passed from person to person via handshakes, hugs, and daily work activities. It may be worth it to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your work desk, and to wash your hands frequently.

Don’t stress yourself out

We understand how people can get stressed out over the holidays. Family is visiting, work may get hectic, and a whole host of other problems could occur. Stress is a major factor for your health. When your body experiences stress, your system comes under strain.

Getting enough sleep, meditating, and removing stressors is a good idea all year round, but the need to relax is especially acute in the Fall and Winter. Cold sores, diseases, and allergies all proliferate when the weather becomes bad. Reducing stress could be a major factor in staying healthy.

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