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How to Crush Cravings: 5 Snacks That Address Them All

Cravings are one of the biggest diet-crushers out there. Some days seem to be going well with that oatmeal for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch. Then the midday crash occurs and a vending machine chocolate bar is looking very tempting. Or it is a coworker’s birthday and pizza is ordered for the office. Salty or sweet, cravings can be hard to overcome. But they can be beat!

Check out some great ways to crush that sweet and salty tooth once and for all.

  • When you want a chocolate bar, go for a couple squares of dark chocolate (preferably 70% cacao or more) and spread a tablespoon of nut butter on top. The antioxidants from the dark chocolate paired with the protein from the nut butter makes for a tasty and satisfying treat.
  • Instead of ordering in pizza, create a healthier version yourself. Take a whole wheat pita (or cauliflower pizza crust if you want to go carb-free) and spread 2 tablespoons of pizza sauce. Aim for pizza sauce with minimal ingredients—and definitely no added sugar. Top with ¾ cup shredded organic cheese and as many vegetables as you desire. Some great options are spinach, olives, tomatoes, red peppers and jalapeños.
  • Crush your pasta craving and spiralize some zucchini instead. Not a zucchini fan? Replace with beets, sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Top with marinara sauce (again, with no added sugars) and some grated parmesan. If you are feeling extra ambitious, throw in some sautéed spinach, black olives and broccoli bits.
  • When you cannot get that sweet tooth under control, satisfy it with some chocolate pudding. The secret ingredient—avocado—is untraceable in taste but you still get all the nutritious benefits it has. Lots of healthy fats makes this a creamy, delicious and satisfying treat. Blend ½ an avocado with 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 3 drops stevia (or 1 packet of sweetener) and a splash of nut milk. Top with cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips.
  • Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, make a nutritiously beneficial snack and roast some kale instead. Kale chips are simple to make but pack loads of flavor, fiber and vitamins. Take a few stalks of kale and tear the leaves off, laying them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Spray with coconut oil and lightly season with garlic powder, sea salt and ground pepper. If you like spicy, sprinkle some chili powder for a light kick. Roast in the oven at 350F for 20 minutes or so.

The key to conquering cravings is to realize you are the one in control.

There are so many healthy ways to overcome any desire that all it requires is a bit of effort and motivation. A simple search online can tell you a healthier way to make any food you are craving—whether it be fried chicken or a chocolate cake, the recipe is out there. Ask your doctor at your yearly check up for what foods she suggests are best to consume and to avoid based on your health history. Call GMP Medical at 305-363-7383 to book your appointment today. We look forward to helping you become your best self.


July 20, 2017 4:22 pm
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