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Four Steps to Making (And Keeping) A New Year’s Resolution

tips for achieving new year's resolutions

With the end of 2018 in sight, the beginning of the New Year often means new resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are a part of getting excited about the future – after all, new year, new you, right? If you find yourself struggling to keep reaching for those goals, we at GMP Medical are here to help. Here’s how to make (and keep) a New Year’s resolution.

Pick the Right Resolution for You

According to a study conducted by Franklin Covey, a time management firm, one-third of Americans fail to adhere to their New Year’s resolutions past the end of January. Why do so many of these resolutions fail? Simply because they aren’t the right resolutions for the people who make them.  These poorly chosen resolutions generally fall into three categories:

  • It was based on society (or someone else’s) tell you to change.
  • The plan wasn’t realistic.
  • The plan was too vague in nature.

Make Smaller Resolutions

Following along with picking the right resolution for you, any resolution you decide to choose needs to be smaller in scope than many of the resolutions people fail to achieve. If you tend to say, “I’m going to get that perfect beach body,” or “I’m going to spend less and earn more this year,” you are setting yourself up for failure. These are way too big of goals to reasonably reach. When you come up with a goal, take a step back and consider the actual level of commitment you will need to achieve it.

According to the New York Times, picking the ideal smaller resolution for you means making a SMART decision:

  • Specific – Your resolution needs to be clear
  • Measurable – You need to be able to tangibly track your progress with your resolution.
  • Achievable – Any resolution goals must be reachable and realistic in nature.
  • Relevant – The goal must really matter to you and not be superficial.
  • Time – Any resolution must be time-sensitive, meaning there is a set window for you to achieve it.

Plan How to Follow-through

Once you’ve come up with a resolution, now you need to figure out how you plan to do it. If you are considering exercising more, take the time to sit down and plot out your weekly workouts ahead of time, so you aren’t trying to simply cram them in.  Or, if for example, you want to meditate more, plan to squeeze in a quick meditation session while you brush your teeth or while riding the bus.

Celebrate Small Successes

Focusing only on the final product means you are destined for failure. It is all too easy to become discouraged once your progress slows or halts. Therefore, if you are making a realistic goal, you need to celebrate every little success you experience. If you lose a pound, that is a step in the right direction and a reason to feel immensely proud. Sure, it may not be the final goal, but every small success is another step on your ultimate journey.

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December 20, 2018 2:36 pm
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