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Hurricane Prep For Your Pet

When we think of hurricane preparation, we often think of shutters, water, and candles. It is usually afterward that we consider our pets. However, our pets are huge parts of our lives and must be considered in storm preparation.

If you have never experienced a hurricane before, you may be confused about how to get your pet ready. The reality is, it is not much different than preparing for ourselves. Read on for a few tips to get pet-ready for a hurricane.

  • This may be obvious, but make sure to bring your pet inside well before the storm begins. If you have an outdoor cat or dog, this may take some extra preparation.
  • Oftentimes, cats and dogs that are scared may hide out in small spaces throughout the home. This is fine for them to do, as it calms them down and allows them to feel safe. However, make sure that where they choose to hide is free from any potential danger. Ensure there are no outlets or sharp or poisonous items that could prove harmful.
  • If your pet is used to being in a cage or carrier, put them in that. This will help him or her feel safe and in control of a high anxiety event.
  • Just as you would with a child, make sure that you have a few of their favorite toys at hand. This will help them feel more at ease and distract them from what is happening outside.
  • Identify which area in your home is the safest to hide out in. The best option for this is somewhere without windows, like a closet or bathroom. If you are forced to escape to this area, make sure your pets are with you.
  • Make sure you have an extra supply of water and food for your pet. Treats are often good to have on hand in case you need to distract them. If your pet requires any medication, make sure you have enough on hand to last a couple of weeks. Extra litter, a leash, and can opener are also good to have on hand.
  • If you must evacuate, make sure that wherever you are going is pet-friendly. If your only option is to stay in place, do not leave your pets alone at home. Instead, search for a local pet shelter that will house your pet during the storm. Be aware that in this situation, you would not be able to stay with them.
  • Many hotels are pet-friendly during weather emergencies. Ensure before arriving that any existing “no pet” policies are waived.
  • Make sure that your pet is constantly wearing his or hers collar and tags. Tags should be updated with your current phone number and address and all current vaccinations. This is vital should your pet go missing during the storm.
  • If your pet is a registered service animal, then the Americans with Disabilities Act requires all state and local government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations to accommodate you and your pet. Make sure to know your rights if you are turned away.
  • If time allows, microchip your pet. This is a great tool to have in case your pet goes missing. If this is not an option, keep a current photo of your pet on hand.

Hurricanes are often even scarier for our pets than for us.

Because they do not understand the situation, they often only sense the stress, chaos, and anxiety. Be extra sensitive to your pets during this time. Speaking softly, petting them frequently and giving them treats will allow them to feel at ease during these times.

From your friends at GMP Medical, we hope you, your family and your pets remain safe this hurricane season.


September 5, 2017 10:34 am
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