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New Year’s Resolution: How to Get The Body You Want

New Year’s Resolution_ How to Get The Body You Want

With the New Year only a few days away, we can’t help but stress about our upcoming resolutions, goals, and desires. Whether it’s buying that new car, starting a Master’s program, or simply working on your character, we all wonder what we will make of 2018.

The most common resolutions revolve around our body, body image, the way we look, and the way we want to look.

Do you want to lose more weight? Eat healthier? Get those rock-hard abs? Everyone is different when it comes to their body image. With any goal you set for the new year, there are techniques and methods you’re going to want to use. Follow the guidelines below to help achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Set and Track your Goals

The first step to anything is to visualize the specific goal you are trying to achieve. Once you’ve decided on a realistic and desired goal, you will need to find an app to help track these goals. SparkPeople is a great app that allows you to monitor everything from your daily meals to exercise. This user-friendly app has a nutrition database, including barcode scanning for specific products, and even exercise demos. Other apps you can use include Lose it! And MyFitnessPal.

In order to get the most out of these apps, it’s important to actively use them on a daily basis. You’ll also want to use accurate information. Most of the apps will help you cover all the basics. Some even have advanced steps to follow to maximize your results.

Life Fusion IV Treatments

If you haven’t already heard the buzz, the life fusion IV treatments are a huge hit. If you need to revitalize your well being, this one is for you. These intravenous therapies renew your vitamin levels, enhance your overall performance, rehydrate your body, and even strengthen your immune system. Oh and they do all that in a single session. Depending on which treatment you choose, each provides the body with powerful combinations of vitamins, antioxidants, and even fat burners.


We can’t stress enough how important hydration is for weight loss and for general well being. Even if you’re on a strict diet and exercising on a daily basis, dehydration increases the possibility of poor performance. Drinking lots of water during the day will actually prevent you from overeating and boost your metabolism. Water isn’t only an appetite suppressant, but also cleanses your body of toxins and waste. Go ahead, pick up that water bottle!


This one is a no-brainer, yet it’s easy to get wrong. Many people are convinced that eating healthy food excessively won’t do any damage. This isn’t actually accurate. It’s important that you take the time to eat every two to three hours in smaller portions to keep your metabolism up.

Skipping a meal is a definite don’t, as it may destabilize your metabolism. Instead of losing the weight, this can lead to gaining it. For example, an individual eating healthy in huge portions will lose less weight than one eating normally in small portions. Bulk up on protein, such as fish or meat, and lower your carbohydrate intake. You’ll find yourself getting fuller faster and eating healthy at the same time.


Although most people probably dislike this part of losing weight, it is absolutely necessary. Exercise doesn’t only help you shed the pounds, but helps maintain good mental health. Working out helps the body release endorphins, that promote happiness and serenity. Exercise can help you sleep better, too.

Essentially, without exercise losing weight will be more difficult and will take longer to see results. By exercising for thirty minutes every day, or a single hour four days a week, you’ll make a big impact on your overall image.

The new year is all about a new you. GMP Medical can help you with working on your new and improved self. Schedule an appointment today to get started!

November 28, 2017 4:30 pm
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