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Back To School Vaccinations: Why it’s Important

Back to School Vaccines

A widely acknowledged debate across America is the topics of vaccinations. When it comes to immunization, vaccines are vital and one-hundred percent necessary for your child’s health. To keep your child protected from diseases, vaccines need to be administered. If you can prevent your child from contracting a disease, why would you hesitate?


Here is everything you need to know about back to school vaccinations and why they are so important:

Effectiveness of Vaccines

The only reason life-threatening and incurable viruses and diseases are so rare, is because of the use of vaccines. This does not mean that because a virus is rare, you should opt not to have your child receive a vaccine. If everyone stopped getting vaccines, these pandemics would return. Immunization keeps your children healthy and maintains the health of your community. Vaccines are necessary to prevent new cases of incurable diseases.


Vaccine-preventable diseases are one of our greatest tools. If we have the option to prevent an incurable virus in our children, then we must take the responsibility. Because there are parents who would deny vaccines for their children, state laws have established strict vaccination laws for children who are attending school. These laws apply to public schools, private schools, and daycares.

Vaccine Exemptions

Each state has its own vaccine exemption laws. A medical exemption is for a child with a condition in which they cannot receive the vaccine. If a child has severe allergies or a disease that affects the immune system, they will be exempt from receiving the required vaccines.


Some states even provide an exception for religious or philosophical reasons. However, in these areas, vaccine-preventable diseases are at a higher rate. State laws are becoming more strict and tougher for parents to maneuver. For instance, in order to apply to be exempt from vaccines, parents must provide extensive parental documentation. The application process has also been upgraded to be much more vigorous and time-consuming.

Can a Child Attend School Without Vaccines?

A child cannot attend school or daycare without vaccines. Florida requires immunization of certain vaccines before a child can enter a school or daycare program. However, each state is different and has its own vaccination requirements. As stated above, if your child has severe allergies or a weakened immune system, they may be excused from school required vaccinations.

What Vaccines are Required for School?

The latest immunization requirements for children in the state of Florida are unique per age group and grade. Kindergarten through twelfth graders are required to receive a specific set of vaccines upon entering, attending, or transferring to a Florida school.


Vaccines are some of the most revolutionary tools that have been developed in medicine. Without vaccines, millions of people would be affected by viruses, life-threatening and incurable diseases. Contact your family doctor today to get your child vaccinated before the school year begins. At GMP Medical, your child’s health is our priority. Request an appointment today with our Primary Care Physician in Hialeah, Florida.

August 13, 2018 3:46 pm
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