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Why Sports Drinks Can’t Compare to IV Hydration

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Millions of people turn to sports drinks for hydration after performing rigorous activities. But, are sports drinks better than IV hydration? The sports drink craze has been around for decades ever since Gatorade came into existence in the 1970s. It has taken off as a multi-million dollar industry in the United States. However, when compared to IV hydration, sports drinks just don’t make the grade and it doesn’t matter why you need to hydrate.

Immediate Fluid Intake with IV Hydration

One of the biggest benefits of IV hydration compared to sports drinks is that you are provided with immediate fluid intake. When you drink water or sports drinks, the fluids need to travel through the digestive system of your body before they hit organs, muscles, and other areas desperate for hydration. An IV hydration program injects fluids right into your bloodstream, pumping your body full of fluids immediately.

IV Hydration is a Customizable Program

If you decide to sign up for IV hydration at GMP Medical, you will be entering into a customizable program. Hydration from sports drinks provides you solely what is in the drink and nothing else. Do you want a mix of vitamins, between Vitamin B and Vitamin C? This can be accomplished when you choose an IV hydration program after a sporting event, workout, or long day doing yard work.

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Too Many Extras in Sports Drinks

Believe it or not, sports drinks contain too many extra ingredients that your body simply does not need. It is true that there are electrolytes in sports drinks – which is what misleads people – but there’s also a lot of sodium, calories, and sugar. When you choose IV hydration, you only put into your body what it is needed.

Add Supplements

Do you want to add various supplements to your body after a workout or game? IV hydration makes this possible, especially when it comes to performance fusion. Supplements you might want to add to the IV solution include antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents, and even drugs for anti-nausea if you tend to get nauseous after a workout.

The Bottom Line

IV hydration is above and beyond a better option than sports drinks when it comes to hydrating your body after a workout or other strenuous event. The next time you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy after a day spent outdoors, make sure you speak with a trained professional from GMP Medical about your hydration needs. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late and you pass out from dehydration. Start a scheduled IV hydration program today.

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