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The 7-Day Sugar Detox: How to Survive

We all know that sugar is a culprit for many issues in our daily lives. It is not a shock to hear that sugar should be consumed as little as possible, as it is just empty calories. However, many of us that already lead healthy lifestyles perhaps do not realize how much sugar creeps into our diets.

The sad reality

Companies recognize that consumers are starting to read the labels before purchasing. Therefore, corporations are beginning to be more creative when adding in ingredients. They are still adding in sugar, but instead of just “cane sugar” or “high fructose corn syrup,” they are adding other similar yet unfamiliar versions. The reality is, sugar is what makes food taste good and companies want their foods to be appealing.

There are certainly healthier ways to make food sweet. Options like coconut palm sugar, dates, monk fruit extract, honey and stevia are all excellent, healthier alternatives. However, in a sugar detox, all forms of sugar are eliminated for seven days. This includes even the healthier alternatives.

The 411 on the detox

The idea of the detox is that we begin to recognize how much sugar sneaks into our daily diets. Foods that are typically considered healthy, such as granola, cereal and smoothies, are often secretly filled with sugar. When we read every single ingredient on what we are consuming to avoid all forms of sugar, we naturally begin to eat real, whole foods. Foods that are in their purest form, or the form closest to how they are grown, are going to naturally contain little to no sugar. This is how we should strive to eat every day.

The interesting thing about the detox is that it will essentially reset your sugar sensors. This means that you will become more sensitive to sweet foods. Foods that are naturally sweet, like fruits, will become sweeter to you post-detox. You will also notice you have fewer sugar cravings.

The first few days on the detox will be difficult. Your body is detoxing from its normal dosage of sugar. Because it is used to consuming it daily, it will react when you remove it cold turkey. As a result, you may experience some fatigue, headaches and nausea. This is normal. If the symptoms are extreme or unbearable, contact us at GMP Medical.

Low-sugar hacks

Once you have completed the detox, the idea is to still live a low-sugar lifestyle. As a result, you should aim to read all labels before purchasing and consuming new foods. The sugar detox will also allow you to recognize where added sugars are sneaking in from. You should try to replace these sugar-laden foods with some healthier options. Below is a list for some low-sugar swaps.

  • Replace flavored yogurts with plain yogurt topped with honey and almonds.
  • Ditch the store-bought granola. Make your own with organic oats, maple syrup and nuts. Customize as you please.
  • Make your own ice cream with two frozen bananas blended with cocoa powder (for a chocolate flavor) or vanilla extract. Top with dark chocolate chips or some homemade granola.
  • Be cautious when choosing granola bars. Opt for ones with as few ingredients as possible. Brands like Raw Bite and Lara Bar are great options.
  • Steer clear of store-bought trail mixes. Make your own with raw nuts, dark chocolate chips, unsweetened banana chips and goji berries.
  • Stay away from sodas and replace it with seltzer water and fresh lemon juice.

Once you have transitioned to a low-sugar lifestyle, your body will adapt. The benefits will start to arise and you will feel how great your body runs without sugar. If you are interested in other weight loss plans, check out our Slim-N-Fit Weight Loss Program. This medically managed weight loss program incorporates an FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant that works to curb your desire to eat. For more information, contact GMP Medical at 305-823-2433.

September 14, 2017 2:28 pm
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