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Wear Blue Friday: The Most Important Day of Men’s Health Month

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Men face a host of potential medical issues. From prostate and testicular cancer to cardiovascular disease, it’s estimated that 33 percent of adult men have some type of heart disease. There are a lot of things for men to worry about.

What’s a man to do? Well, apart from seeing your doctor regularly, you can take part in Men’s Health Month. Here’s what you need to know about this important month!

Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month. This is a celebration of men’s health, an awareness campaign about the various medical issues that men may face, and a health fair to make sure men are getting the care they need.

Started in 1994 by Senator Bob Dole, Men’s Health Month began as Men’s Health Week and took place between June 12 and 19. It wasn’t until a few years later that the campaign was expanded to an entire month. Men’s Health Week is still celebrated every year during June. This year, it will take place between June 10 and June 16.

Friday, June 14 holds a special place in the Men’s Health Month mantle. It’s called “Wear Blue Friday”.

Wear Blue Friday

mens health

Wear Blue Friday is sort of like the gem in the crown of Men’s Health Month. Its purpose is to raise awareness about how important men’s health is and offer a largescale, public way for men’s health to be celebrated. Since it happens on a Friday, everyone (men and women) is encouraged to wear blue to the office or school. You can also use the hashtag #ShowUsYourBlue to help spread the message on social media.

What’s the Big Deal About Men’s Health Anyway?

That’s a good question! Part of the larger goal of all the Men’s Health initiatives is to help the public realize the serious medical issues men routinely face. According to Men’s Health Network:

  • Men, on average, live five years less than women.
  • Men have a higher death rate from many causes of death, including cancer and suicide.
  • 50 percent of men will develop cancer over the course of their lives.
  • It’s estimated that 30,000 men die from prostate cancer in the U.S. each year.
  • Men go to their doctors half as frequently as women do.
  • It’s more likely that men won’t have health insurance.

This isn’t a full list of health problems that men face by any means, but it’s more than enough to drive home the importance of Men’s Health Month and Wear Blue Day.

Celebrate Men’s Health Month with GMP Medical

What are you going to do this month to support men’s health? It can be as simple as posting a selfie in blue with the #ShowUsYourBlue, #WearBlueDay, and #MensHealthMonth hashtags! It could also be going to the doctor for a checkup or urging the men in your life to go.
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